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  • CoQ10 Dosage With Statins

    Posted on April 9th, 2010 admin No comments

    Q: What is the typical CoQ10 dosage with statins?

    A: Prescription statins may be helpful with cholesterol, but unfortunately they have also been linked to depletion of your body’s natural CoQ10. For this reason, many physicians now recommend taking a CoQ10 supplement in conjunction with statins. In order to determine the proper CoQ10 dosage with statins, this is something you will have to discuss with your doctor. But here is some important information you can ask them about.

    Why is CoQ10 so important?
    Simply put, 95% of your body’s energy is produced through a process known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). CoQ10 is reportedly a key nutrient in this process. Without it, cells cannot function properly. Being that CoQ10 is present in nearly every cell, virtually your entire body would then be affected by a deficiency.

    How do statin drugs interfere?
    Unfortunately, statin-lowering medications (HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors) can reportedly cause a CoQ10 deficiency. It’s said that there are 17 steps involved in the biosynthesis of CoQ10. These medications interfere with that process, resulting in lower levels of CoQ10 production.

    Your body’s natural production of CoQ10 declines drastically with age (production peaks at around the age of twenty-one). So it just so happens that the typical user of these medications is already most at risk for deficiency. The greatest amounts of CoQ10 are found in the organs that use the most energy; the heart being at the top of that list. So ironically, these drugs designed to help the heart may actually be hurting it. This is why a supplemental CoQ10 dosage with statins is often recommended.

    How are the drug companies getting away with this?
    That’s a good question. Statins and CoQ10 deficiency are a well-known problem. In fact, over 20 years ago one of the biggest drug makers, Merck, made reference to this problem in two of their patents. Here’s an excerpt of one of their patents (no. 4,933,165) from 1990:

    Furthermore, there has been a large outcry by both the public as well as medical professionals regarding this problem with CoQ10 and statins. Here is a quote by a blue ribbon cardiologist, Dr. Peter H. Langsjoen, MD, FAAC:

    Unfortunately, warnings like these have apparently fell on deaf ears over at the FDA. Some speculate that this may be due to limited CoQ10 production in the world. Reportedly, the entire CoQ10 supplement production in the world would only be enough to supply 1/6th of statin users.

    What can you do about it?
    In the United States, you can report a problem to the FDA:

    Of course, you should also discuss with your doctor CoQ10 dosage and statins. Talk with your doctor to see if he recommends adding CoQ10 supplementation to your statin regimen. I know of a number of individuals that have been advised by their physician to supplement with CoQ10 100mg or CoQ10 200mg daily.

    The most popular brands seem to be Now CoQ10, Vitaline CoQ10, Jarrow CoQ10, Kaneka coq10, and Swanson Vitamin CoQ10. However in addition to these, there are a number of other qualified manufacturers too. Most people buy CoQ10 online because it is so much cheaper than at the stores.

    One Last Important Note
    CoQ10 supplements should be consumed with foods that contain fat to bolster absorption. CoQ10 is said to not stay in your system more very long. Therefore, if possible you should break your dose up into two or three smaller doses spread out across the day. For example, taking CoQ100mg twice daily instead of CoQ10 200mg once daily.

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