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  • CoQ10 Dosage For Migraines

    Posted on April 10th, 2010 admin No comments

    Q: Is there a CoQ10 dosage for migraines?

    A: During the past decade there have been several exciting studies about CoEnzyme Q10 and its effect on migraines. To give you an idea of just how significant the results were, let’s take a look at one of these studies:

    Efficacy of CoEnzyme Q10 in Migraine Prophylaxis
    (presented at American Academy of Neurology 56th annual meeting)

    What makes this study especially intriguing is that it was a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial. Several leading doctors from the Headache and Pain Unit at University Hospital Zurich conducted this research in 2004.

    • The study was 3 months long and involved 42 migraine sufferers

    • During the first month all patients took the placebo 3x daily

    • After that, some patients continued receiving the placebo while others were given a 100mg CoQ10 dosage for migraines 3x daily. None of them knew whether they were in the placebo group or the CoQ10 group.

    • 48% of the CoQ10 group had half as many migraines during this period, compared to only 14% of the placebo group

    • The patients given CoQ10 supplements experienced a reduction in the number of monthly migraines. Before treatment they had 4.4 migraines per month, and after treatment they had 3.2. Meanwhile the patients given placebo saw no improvement in the number of migraines per month.

    These findings of using CoQ10 migraine dosage are extremely impressive, especially considering that the study was randomized and double-blind!

    Should you use a CoQ10 dosage for migraines?
    Legally, supplements cannot be used for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, or cure of a disease according to the FDA, nor have they evaluated any of the above claims about CoQ10 migraine dosage. Therefore, you will have to discuss research about CoQ10 dosage for migraines with your doctor. Do not take CoQ10 supplements for any purpose without a doctor’s approval and advice.

    Important tips when shopping for CoQ10 supplements
    I never buy CoQ10 at vitamin stores or drugstore because the price markups are so astronomically high. As mentioned in the study above, patients were given their CoQ10 supplement 3x daily. This is reportedly because it doesn’t stay in your system long, so a smaller dosage multiple times per day is preferred.

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