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  • CoQ10 Dosage For Dogs

    Posted on April 10th, 2010 admin No comments

    Q:  What is the recommended CoQ10 dosage for dogs?

    A: We’re just now realizing how important CoQ10 is in humans, but the truth is that this also holds true for dogs, cats, and other pets. You see, an estimated 95% of energy is reportedly made through a cellular process known as ATP. It is now known that CoEnzyme Q10 is reportedly a necessary nutrient for this process to occur. Humans and animals naturally produce it in our bodies, but as we age, less and less of it is made.

    What happens when there is a CoQ10 deficiency?
    Well without enough CoQ10, it is said that cells struggle to fulfill even the simplest of tasks. Being that CoQ10 is found in just about every cell in the body, as you can imagine there’s an endless list of things which might be affected by a deficiency.

    When do CoQ10 deficiencies occur in dogs?
    In humans, after we reach twenty-one years of age our body’s natural creation of CoQ10 begins trailing downward. So when you translate that same timeline to the lifespan of a dog, that means their production might peak when they’re just 3 years old.  This is why so many veterinarians recommend a CoQ10  dosage for dogs early on.

    What is the proper CoQ10 dosage for dogs?
    Well dogs come in a wide range of sizes… so there isn’t going to be any -one-size-fits-all when it comes to CoQ10 for dogs. But here are some tips you can discuss with your vet so they can determine the right dosage…

    • In humans, 30 to 200 mgs daily is often recommended for healthy adults. However many doctors have been known to recommend higher dosages for unhealthy individuals with certain medical conditions. If you get out your calculator, you can figure out how the typical dosage for an average weight human would translate to your dog’s weight.
    • Just like with humans, younger dogs will most likely need less CoQ10 than older dogs. To give you an idea, the heart uses the most energy and therefore the most CoQ10. In humans, CoQ10 in the heart is approximately 30% less at the age of forty, 50% less at the age of sixty, and 60% less at the age of eighty.
    • One source I read recommended a CoQ10 dosage for dogs of 30mg 2x daily for every 20 pounds of weight, and they claimed that most should be getting between 100mg to 300mg daily. Well unless that dosage is for a very old St. Bernard, it sounds high to me considering the typical human dosage.
    • Because CoQ10 is only in the body for a several hours, you can’t just give your dog a mega dose once per day… 2 or 3 times per day using a smaller amount is said to be better.
    • CoQ10 is an enzyme that’s the same whether its found in humans, dogs, or any other animal. Therefore, it’s probably cheaper to buy regular human CoQ10 supplements rather than those marketed just for dogs (because CoQ10 for dogs will probably cost more). But since dogs need less, just make sure you buy low dosage supplements. You may even want to consider liquid CoQ10 so you can customize your dogs dosage exactly. I know a couple people who opt for liquid CoQ10 for that reason.

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